The Walka School launched in 2013 its first jewellery contest with the theme ANCESTRAL. Both students and former students were invited to create body ornaments which celebrate the origins of the jewel craftsmanship. Demonstrating a deep comprehension of the ongoing world, these objects are able to add poetry to the body of the carries or to the eyes of the observers; they are able to challenge the expectations of what we know as jewellery and amaze with unexpected ideas.

This contest was proposed as a celebration to the Latin-American culture and its ability to communicate worldwide. The results composed an exhibition that crossed borders and enriched the vision of the contemporary international jewellery.


Exhibitions in 2013 and 2014

Joya BCN
Barcelona, España — www.joyabarcelona.com

ALCHIMIA Contemporary Jewellery School
Florencia, Italia — www.alchimia.it

Galería Isabel Aninat
Santiago, Chile — www.galeriaisabelaninat.cl



Photographs: Daniel Gil
Model: Kara Erwin
Production: Manuel Rojas
Makeup: Carolina Lazo



First Place:
María Ignacia Walker, Chile-Italy
Necklace: Vuelo II

Second Place: 
Nathalia Canamary, Brazil
Ring: Dentista

Third Place: 
María Paz Cuadra, Chile
Necklace: Catalejo para el Alma

Honorable Mention:
Alejandra Rojas, Chile
Brooch: Relicario de mi Madre