Mariposa exhibition


The store Candela Iluminação and the gallery Contemporarte invited a few artists and designers to dialog somehow with light. Music, literature, cinema, embroidery, photography, jewellery, installations and interactive arts are some of the possibilities that came up to compose the Mariposa Exhibition.



Lightness and brightness are the characteristics that stand out in the 24 Karat Lamp by Ingo Maurer. The acrylic plates with the golden blades seem to float supported by thin stems, which hold the pieces together in a subtle balance.

The necklace 63Cu+37Zn seeks to translate the same lightness, with metallic sheets which converge and are supported by electric cables.

The piece does not produce light. The texture created on some sheets makes all the light reflected on it spread itself around the place, creating a golden brightness that changes its colour according to the position of each spectator in the room and also with the movements that these sheets might come to produce.

Since not all that glitters is gold and nothing lasts forever, this brightness also tends to fade away. The sheets are made of brass, which oxidise in contact with the users. In turn, this contact is registered in the piece telling, thus, its own story.

Materials used
Brass, silver and electric cables.

From October, 21 to December, 21 2014
Place: Candela Iluminação: Praça Portugal, 71
Realization: Candela Iluminação + Contemporarte
Curated by: Wilson Neto